Visiting Mahanandi

Visiting Mahanandi


A small village in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, Mahanandi is located in the east of Nallamala Hills. The village has amazing scenic beauty to welcome you. surrounded by thick forests, it creates an interesting and adventurous setting for tourists. The place has high religious significance, especially for those following Hinduism way of living.

It is at a distance of 320 km from the metropolitan city of Hyderabad and approximately 16 km from Nandyal.

There are nine Nandi shrines that are popularly referred as Nava Nandis near Mahanandi. The Mahanandiswara Swamy Temple, that is is dedicated to Sri Mahanandiswara Swamy in the form of a linga, an important shrine, is situtated here. Mahanandi is one of the nine Nanadi shrines. The temple not only narrates ancient beliefs and faiths but also creates a spiritual atmosphere with the greenery around along with breath taking fresh water pools and streams depicting pureness with a peaceful sky above you. The crystalline water that flows from five springs through out the year makes this temple all the more beautiful.

The temple is said to be built almost 1500 years back. The tablets that date back to10th century and the inscriptions on them clearly showcase that this ages old temple has gone though various reconstruction and rebuilding by the kings from different centuries.

As you visit the temple, you will find a Holy tank which is of sixty square feet and has a Mantapa in the centre. The inlets and outlets of the tank’s water are arranged in such a way that the depth of the water is never more than five feet. This make it easier for devotees to take the holy plunge. the water from this tank is so pure and abundant that the outlet of water outlet is sufficient to irrigate 2000 acres of land.

A festival is organised at Mahanandi annually during the months of February and March. This to to celebrate the festival of Maha Shivaratri, for the Lord Shiva.

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