The drive for Exercise from within …

The whole essence of the word fitness started with the concept of walking and cycling in my life…


Being the New Age Indian

Being a typical new-age Indian, with job in IT and a sedentary lifestyle, the automatic inherent push towards the junk food, missing exercise schedules, avoiding daily walks ( forget jog or run ) and all those ‘standard’ things that am sure each one of you are facing right now or have faced it sometime in your past for sure was increasing day by day. A few set of questions that kept bugging me always are:

  • I am generally active during the day ( take steps instead of elevator, go out to grab a pouch of milk by walking and other such things that I “lol” about now ). Do I need any more exercise ?
  • I don’t feel any pain in my back or neck or anywhere else. Do I need to exercise at all ?
  • How junk is the junk food really ?
  • Is being calorie conscious and missing out on daily fun too naive ? Kya pata kal ho na ho ….
  • Going out to parties and not eating any oily or Maida stuff looks so weird. Would I be “out of the group” if I act differently ?

And many more of these questions… Consequently, I am hoping at least some of you would resonate with some of these questions even now.

And then amidst all these confusions, the days and the dull lethargic life dragged on….


The life changing event towards fitness

One fine ( and one of the most fortunate ) day, a couple years ago, I had gone to a shopping mall to watch a movie with my grandfather ( dadaji – current age 87 years ). Almost a full day of shopping and a movie and driving through crazy Pune traffic took a toll on me and I crashed down on my living room room sofa to give some rest to my body. To my surprise, my dadaji was super fresh and was sitting upright with no signs of fatigue !!! Hence I was at a loss to understand how on earth can someone be so fresh and active after spending the day in doing same things that I did ( barring the driving ) and still remain this active. I couldn’t control my curiosity to ask him the secret behind this.

And to my astonishment I received a one word answer: Exercise !!!

Furthermore, I will be writing a separate post to describe the kind of lifestyle and exercise schedule that my Dadaji had for anyone of you who might be interested. A link will be provided here.

In any case, that day I got answers to all my questions. I got the drive within to get started with some serious exercise and get going… I never had to look back from that day and the passion behind cycling and fitness has kept on growing every day…


Let’s create a Fitness Community

Please share your comments/feedback down below. Also if you have already have embarked on the fitness journey and have similar stories feel free to add them in the comments section so that our readers can read them at one place.

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