Fit-Right is a platform for avid bloggers to talk to you about the need and importance of fitness in the life of new age Indian whilst considering the latest trends, explore lifestyle hacks, and discuss cutting-edge innovations in technology and design. Every word written in these blogs is right from the heart to get the soul to soul connection !!!

We are a group of bloggers who write because we don’t want to restrict ourselves to the constraints of the market place. Our idea is to create a community of like-minded and equally passionate parties engaging in something they both care about.

But enough about us.

Let’s focus on you, reader of the blog. You aren’t just a nameless, faceless entity in the teeming hordes of unaware readers.

You are the New Age Indian which we typically call Google Generation ( born in 1970s or above ) who are continuously striving to align the lifestyle in the right way to achieve a balance

  • between fitness and fun,
  • between peace of mind and curiosity
  • and finally between understand the purpose behind “Who we are” and “living in the moment” as if Kal Ho Naa Ho !!!